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Pilates for Children: Simple Home Workouts

Keeping children occupied is a task. Ask the mothers of young children. They are bursting with energy but the current sedentary lifestyle provides limited avenues for them to channelise their curiosity and vigour. With everything moving online, including education, children these days are increasingly glued to screens. And once you enter, the maze of the […]

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Health Pop-Up 2020

The Health Pop-Up

It is popular knowledge that our physical and mental well-being is intrinsically linked to our environment. With young leaders like Greta Thunberg taking the lead and organising Strikes for Climate Change, we, at Moushu’s Pilates decided to contribute to environmental awareness in our small way. On 31st January, 2020, we held our annual Health Pop-Up […]

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Demystifying Arthritis

In keeping with the theme of our previous blog, in this one, we shall be covering another bone-related condition which is very common and often misunderstood: Arthritis. Joint pain due to swelling in the joint is an extremely common disorder affecting people of different ages and genders, across the globe. What we call as swelling […]

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womens health and pilates moushus pilates

Women’s Health and Pilates

Menstrual health of women is an extremely vast topic in the medical field. Right from puberty and even post-menopause, women’s bodies undergo multiple hormonal changes. At various stages, there are different menstrual disorders which might develop owing to various genetic and environmental factors. Menstrual disorders in women range from Dysmenorrhea and Menorrhagia to PCOS and […]

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Basic Gait Mechanism

No one really teaches us to walk. It’s only when we get some injury or develop any problem that leads to an abnormal gait that we need to correct it. This blog explores the basic gait mechanism. Walking is a natural instinct as the human body is built for locomotion. From primates who walked on […]

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