myofascial slings

Fascia 101: Myofascial Slings

Where does movement originate from? If it is only your legs that make you locomote then how does Nick Vujicic, the motivational speaker born with tetra-amelia syndrome, having no arms and legs, move? If you see him walking, you will see that spinal rotation and the muscle systems around the lumbo-pelvic region are the base […]

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fascia in movement

Fascia 101: Fascia and Movement

Imagine your body creaking and cracking at every joint when it moves. It is so frustrating even to think about, isn’t it? Who doesn’t like to move like a well-oiled machine! If you get unexplained pain in your body, that tightness in your calf and the stiffness in your shoulders might not always be because […]

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Fascia 101: What is fascia?

Most fitness instructors talk about stretching, toning, and building muscles and protecting joints. Do we only exercise muscles? It might sound silly, but have you never wondered how do our muscles not slide off the bones when we move? How do our organs not move around when we jump and run? What gives our body […]

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arches of the foot pilates

Basics of Anatomy: Arches of the Foot

Do you know why we evolved into two-legged creatures from being quadrupedal primates? No? Well, neither do scientists! Or at least, they don’t have a consensus on the reason we gave up walking on all-fours and became bipedal. There are more than 10 different hypotheses for this evolution. However, all scientists agree on the fact […]

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Ankle Joint

Basics of Anatomy: Ankle Joint

Here’s a fun fact: Out of 206 bones in your body, 26 are part of one foot alone. Together, both feet comprise 25% of the bones of the body. Not only that, 33 joints in the foot must work together with 19 muscles and over 100 ligaments to execute highly precise movements while we are […]

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