A doctor with a patient's x-ray osteoporosis pilates

Busting common myths about Osteoporosis

There are many misconceptions and myths surrounding osteoporosis, a disease which affects millions of people worldwide. In this blog, we shall bust some of the myths through simple facts and dos and don’ts. Osteoporosis literally means a condition of “porous bones”. Bone is a living tissue and is constantly being broken down and replaced. Osteoporosis […]

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Pilates for sports: More than just rehab

In the previous blog, we discussed how players of racquet sports the world over are turning to Pilates to build their strength and avoid injuries. Let’s look at some sportspersons back home who have adopted Pilates into their training regime. The usual joke about golf is that it’s a sport for “rich, old, white men”. […]

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gait mechanism pilates moushu's pune walk

Basic Gait Mechanism

No one really teaches us to walk. It’s only when we get some injury or develop any problem that leads to an abnormal gait that we need to correct it. This blog explores the basic gait mechanism. Walking is a natural instinct as the human body is built for locomotion. From primates who walked on […]

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Key Elements Pilates

The Key Elements of Pilates

An element, the essence and characteristic of a substance, defines the very nature of the substance. We are surrounded by elements of nature. Space: the environment in which we move Earth: the stability required for motion Fire: the energy needed to move Water: the fluidity of motion Air: the essence of breathe and its movement […]

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