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Pilates and More

Picture courtesy Grindstore.com What do you get if you put together a lot of pies and lattés? Not very much, aside from increased girth and potential heart attacks… But not all combinations have such unfortunate consequences. At Moushu’s Pilates, we have a range of Pilates-related workouts that you may enjoy experimenting with. P-Prop, P-Pulse, P-Func, […]

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Balance mechanism of the body- moushu's pilates

The Balance Challenge

When we are walking on the pavement and our feet suddenly sink into sand or gravel, we continue to walk without realising the adjustments our body just made to balance itself. We are so accustomed to certain movements that we take good balance for granted until certain obstacles or physical ailments cause us to tumble. […]

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mother daughter pilates with children

Pilates for Children: Simple Home Workouts

Keeping children occupied is a task. Ask the mothers of young children. They are bursting with energy but the current sedentary lifestyle provides limited avenues for them to channelise their curiosity and vigour. With everything moving online, including education, children these days are increasingly glued to screens. And once you enter, the maze of the […]

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Scoliosis of spine can be helped by Pilates

Scoliosis and spine health

Embrace your curves, they say. And why shouldn’t we! Curves are beautiful, albiet the natural ones. If curves are the abnormal curvature of the spine, it is a cause for concern. In this blog, we shall discuss Scoliosis, a deformity of the spine and how to alleviate it. The spine is the backbone of our […]

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moushus pilates golf squash benefit sports players pune mumbai

Pilates for sports: More than just rehab

In the previous blog, we discussed how players of racquet sports the world over are turning to Pilates to build their strength and avoid injuries. Let’s look at some sportspersons back home who have adopted Pilates into their training regime. The usual joke about golf is that it’s a sport for “rich, old, white men”. […]

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