myofascial slings

Fascia 101: Myofascial Slings

Where does movement originate from? If it is only your legs that make you locomote then how does Nick Vujicic, the motivational speaker born with tetra-amelia syndrome, having no arms and legs, move? If you see him walking, you will see that spinal rotation and the muscle systems around the lumbo-pelvic region are the base […]

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Pilates Props: Foam Roller

After working on resistance training, balance and stability, it is now time to discuss a prop that works on mobility and restoration. In our fourth and last blog in the series on Pilates Props, we will be talking about every rehab professional’s favourite: Foam Roller. If you know what the Foam Roller is, chances are […]

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Pilates Barre Workout Circuit Pune HIIT Aerobic

Pilates Props: Swiss Ball and Over Ball

We can take your workout to the next level, but do you have the balls for it? Not the balls that you are thinking of. We are talking about the exercise props used to do Pilates! Using balls can transform your experience of working out and make it extremely fun. Balls aren’t Classic Pilates props […]

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Pilates Props: Magic Circle

Today, we will be discussing the mighty ‘Magic Circle.’ Before you think you have entered some witchcraft institute, let me clarify. The magic circle is not some sorcerous Lord of the Rings like object, but one of the coolest Pilates props. What is the magic circle? Also known as the Pilates ring or the exercise […]

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Resistance band pilates

Pilates Props: Resistance Bands

Before I joined Moushu’s Pilates studio, I identified Pilates as a form of exercise done by celebrities on a piece of single fancy equipment known as the Reformer. I was completely wrong. Yes, the Reformer was one of the first beautiful apparatus fashioned by Joseph Pilates to train his clients. But there are numerous other […]

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arches of the foot pilates

Basics of Anatomy: Arches of the Foot

Do you know why we evolved into two-legged creatures from being quadrupedal primates? No? Well, neither do scientists! Or at least, they don’t have a consensus on the reason we gave up walking on all-fours and became bipedal. There are more than 10 different hypotheses for this evolution. However, all scientists agree on the fact […]

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Ankle Joint

Basics of Anatomy: Ankle Joint

Here’s a fun fact: Out of 206 bones in your body, 26 are part of one foot alone. Together, both feet comprise 25% of the bones of the body. Not only that, 33 joints in the foot must work together with 19 muscles and over 100 ligaments to execute highly precise movements while we are […]

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Multifidi core muscles pilates

The Inner Core Muscles: Multifidi

We have always said that the spine holds our torso up, but did you know there are muscles which hold the spine up? Welcome to our second blog in a series of four on the Inner core or the Superhero muscles of the Human Body, and today we will be discussing the multifidi! The Core […]

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