At Moushu’s Pilates, we believe in creating lifestyle changes for our clients.

With personalised attention and customised plans, we help you achieve your fitness goals, the emphasis being on mind-body coordination and controlled movements.

Healing being the cornerstone of our brand, we want our clients to remain healthy and positive.

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Why Moushu’s Pilates?


Holistic Health

With our wholesome workouts, get your mind and body in sync and attain complete well being.


Expert Trainers

Achieve your fitness goals with experts who have years of training and rehab experience.


Attention to Detail

Join any class and our instructors will give attention to all your physical issues and needs.

We Have Several Classes

Everyone can find something for themselves

We offer a range of classes from Matwork Pilates to Equipment Pilates, in Group and Personal Training formats.

We train instructors

A Physiotherapist, Master Instructor and Comprehensive Pilates Instructor, Moushumi Kuvawala, not only trains clients but also conducts instructor training courses from the following institutes


Balanced Body

As a certified Master Instructor from the leading Pilates Institute of USA, she teaches Anatomy in Three Dimensions


For those interested in becoming an Instructor, Moushumi conducts a series of courses from the Australian Physiotherapy & Pilates Institute (UK).

Moushu’s Pilates Education

Moushu’s Pilates Education is a Pune based teacher training institute for movement instructors started by Dr. Moushumi Kuvawala, Physiotherapist and Master Instructor – Pilates. The range of courses include Matwork & Equipment Pilates, AI3D, Wonder of Anatomy and Movement, and its relevance in a rehab set up in collaboration with international institutes like APPI and Balanced Body.


What our clients and contemporaries say

  • Practising Pilates during my pregnancy was the best decision I could ever take. I was working 8 hours a day in a sitting position. Going to Moushu’s Pilates helped me avoid any body pain. Besides, Moushumi was helping to adjust my posture to the changes of my body and to improve my balance. I truly think that taking prenatal classes with Moushumi helped me to have a natural delivery. I encourage all pregnant women to try it! You won’t regret it!

    Andrea Alonso

    Purchasing Manager in Automobile Industry

  • I’ve been taking physiotherapy and Pilates sessions with Moushumi for around 2 months now. The sessions have been instrumental in helping me recover from severe lumbago, from a chronic slipped disc problem that has been plaguing me for years. Dr Moushumi is an incredibly skilled and experienced health-care professional.

    Ambar Seksena

    Software Consultant

  • I am the kind of person who gets bored easily, especially with repetitive workouts. But the combination of functional training with Pilates is so dynamic that we barely repeated an exercise for a month. It’s been almost two years and I am still working out at Moushu’s. Need I say more?

    Tarannum Samtani

    Writer and Digital Marketing Professional

  • I come from a yoga background and it is important to understand how injuries happen and to do this you need to know the mechanics of the body. Moushumi does an excellent job of explaining and patiently re-explaining these concepts in her workshop series. I enjoyed the course and recommend it to all fitness professionals

    Rita Date


  • I’m a salsa dancer who came to Moushumi four years ago, looking to strengthen my core and work on my balance and stability. Moushumi’s technique really helped me take Pilates home and use it everyday, whether I’m dancing or not. I’ve been injury-free and getting stronger every day!

    Saumya Joshi

    Salsa Dancer

  • They say learning never ends and this most certainly holds true for all the workshops I have taken with Moushumi. Even with my background in biological sciences, I always learn something from her which I can take back and apply to my Pilates practice. She puts so much time and energy into making a difficult and, at times, mundane topic easy and interesting. The hands on learning, application of what we learn to Pilates, and ensuring we practice and review in her presence sets Dr. Moushumi’s workshops apart.

    Radhika Karle

    Balanced Body Pilates Master Instructor

  • I have been practising yoga for 30 years and felt like something was missing. When I went to Moushu’s Pilates class with some girlfriends I knew this was the missing piece. After a year I got way more than I expected at the age of 65. It was important to maintain my coordination and strength. I couldn’t be happier.

    Eshana Meyer

    Retired, Tango Yogi