Feeling dizzy regularly? It could be Vertigo.

Being ‘giddy’ with love or reaching ‘dizzying heights’ in your career can be milestones in one’s life, but for those who live with Vertigo, these phrases have a different meaning altogether. Vertigo is the sensation of spinning while one is stationery. Often associated with nausea and vomiting, it can lead to imbalance, impaired vision and […]

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Runners and the mechanism of running

The form and efficiency of runners are directly related. A flawed form not only leads to wasted energy but also increases risk of injury. In this blog, we give a glimpse into the mechanism of running and how Pilates can help runners. More often than not, it is the work done outside the running tracks […]

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Basic Gait Mechanism

No one really teaches us to walk. It’s only when we get some injury or develop any problem that leads to an abnormal gait that we need to correct it. This blog explores the basic gait mechanism. Walking is a natural instinct as the human body is built for locomotion. From primates who walked on […]

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