pilates benefits cyclists

How Pilates can benefit cyclists

If you wake up early in the morning on weekends, you will see groups of cyclists on the highways and expressways, pedaling away. One would assume that cycling requires a lot of strength only in the legs, but there is a lot of core and upper body work happening as well. In this blog, we […]

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Pilates Barre Workout Circuit Pune HIIT Aerobic

Pilates Props: Swiss Ball and Over Ball

We can take your workout to the next level, but do you have the balls for it? Not the balls that you are thinking of. We are talking about the exercise props used to do Pilates! Using balls can transform your experience of working out and make it extremely fun. Balls aren’t Classic Pilates props […]

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Ankle Joint

Basics of Anatomy: Ankle Joint

Here’s a fun fact: Out of 206 bones in your body, 26 are part of one foot alone. Together, both feet comprise 25% of the bones of the body. Not only that, 33 joints in the foot must work together with 19 muscles and over 100 ligaments to execute highly precise movements while we are […]

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hip joint anatomy pilates

Basics of Anatomy: Hip Joint

It is said that one discovery transformed the course of humanity. It made us from agile hunter-gatherers to farmers and later chefs. That discovery was fire. Fire transformed not only our diet but also modified our movements. We didn’t need to run to catch prey or climb trees to get nuts and fruits. A lot […]

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Pilates and Flexibility

Flexibility affects Function

A few months back there was a video circulating on social media where one guy challenged a body-builder to remove a sticker from his mid-back. That beefed-up guy tried every move but he barely reached the top of his neck and lower back with his palms. While the other guy, who wasn’t as strong-looking (even […]

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