Pilates and Flexibility

Flexibility affects Function

A few months back there was a video circulating on social media where one guy challenged a body-builder to remove a sticker from his mid-back. That beefed-up guy tried every move but he barely reached the top of his neck and lower back with his palms. While the other guy, who wasn’t as strong-looking (even […]

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Balance mechanism of the body- moushu's pilates

The Balance Challenge

When we are walking on the pavement and our feet suddenly sink into sand or gravel, we continue to walk without realising the adjustments our body just made to balance itself. We are so accustomed to certain movements that we take good balance for granted until certain obstacles or physical ailments cause us to tumble. […]

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mother daughter pilates with children

Pilates for Children: Simple Home Workouts

Keeping children occupied is a task. Ask the mothers of young children. They are bursting with energy but the current sedentary lifestyle provides limited avenues for them to channelise their curiosity and vigour. With everything moving online, including education, children these days are increasingly glued to screens. And once you enter, the maze of the […]

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Scoliosis of spine can be helped by Pilates

Scoliosis and spine health

Embrace your curves, they say. And why shouldn’t we! Curves are beautiful, albiet the natural ones. If curves are the abnormal curvature of the spine, it is a cause for concern. In this blog, we shall discuss Scoliosis, a deformity of the spine and how to alleviate it. The spine is the backbone of our […]

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Demystifying Arthritis

In keeping with the theme of our previous blog, in this one, we shall be covering another bone-related condition which is very common and often misunderstood: Arthritis. Joint pain due to swelling in the joint is an extremely common disorder affecting people of different ages and genders, across the globe. What we call as swelling […]

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A doctor with a patient's x-ray osteoporosis pilates

Busting common myths about Osteoporosis

There are many misconceptions and myths surrounding osteoporosis, a disease which affects millions of people worldwide. In this blog, we shall bust some of the myths through simple facts and dos and don’ts. Osteoporosis literally means a condition of “porous bones”. Bone is a living tissue and is constantly being broken down and replaced. Osteoporosis […]

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MOther baby happy post-partum pilates workout pune

Strong mother = Happy Child

The baby is here! Congratulations! You are eating right, and doing everything right for the baby. But there is no doubt that pregnancy takes a toll on the woman’s body and mind. So what are you doing about your health and body now? Multiple changes occur in the body of the mother during pregnancy. The […]

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