Pilates through the ages

How many times have you heard a Pilates instructor say that Pilates is for everyone? They do not tire of responding. Regardless of gender, physical ability or age, Pilates can benefit everyone. Do you have doubts? So let us tell you a story.

The Story of Rio

There was a little boy named Rio. He had just started to walk and was discovering the joy of moving without the help of his parents. His journey to walking had involved gradual progression from lifting his head up, then rolling over on his tummy, followed by sitting up and then crawling, and finally after being able to stand with support he could walk now. Soon he would be running around the house (and outside the ajar front door) and create a ruckus wherever he went.

By the time turned 7 years old, Rio had learnt to climb trees, hang from their branches and jump on to the ground, scratching his knees sometimes. He could be seen sliding down staircase banisters and hopping on one leg to chase his friends. His muscles seemed to be getting stronger. It wasn’t like Rio never fell or never hurt himself. He had had his share of tumbles and injuries; but who cares when your scars heal within a week.


Rio was not only playing with his friends on the playground, but he had recently been introduced to Pilates’ a fun class under guided supervision that allowed him to play with balls, band and a big Swiss ball, on which he loved rolling. While his friends spent time in front of their Xbox and attended numerous tuitions, Rio spent an hour thrice a week, fine tuning his core strength and kinetic skills. When the opportunity arose in school, Rio was selected for gymnastics. His fluid body movements and balance made him a great gymnast.


As he entered his pre-teens, Rio’s body went through a growth spurt, just like any other adolescents’. Due to his continuous practice of Pilates, he was more aware of his body. Pilates not only helped maintain a good posture but helped him grow stronger bones and muscles. With the discipline of a regular movement class, he could have a structured week that involved physical activity, sports, and studies.


As a teenager, with pressure to choose a vocation, study hours for exams, while your hormones rage in your body, Pilates became a good escape. It allowed Rio to sit for long hours later and study for his board exams without developing back or neck pain. He could maintain his calm and stay focused even through the strenuous years of education with the help of breathing exercises that he had learnt in his Pilates class.


Rio couldn’t continue Pilates while he was away at university. With a new city, living in a hostel, a busy social life and of course, a new girlfriend, Rio didn’t have time to do anything else. But it was alright. He did play football in college though. While training for the football team, his practice of Pilates aided him in maintaining correct form. And when he had a major fall during a game, he found a Rehab Pilates expert to help him get back on his feet again and back to his game.


Rio started working immediately after college and within the first year of work, found a Pilates studio near his office. Now, he had the bandwidth to do Equipment Pilates. As an architect, who visits multiple sites and then sits for hours in design discussions and on his laptop to sketch his plans, Rio could remain energetic and flexible and avoid the pitfalls of a sedentary lifestyle as he stayed active with his weekday Pilates sessions. On weekends, he played his favorite sports Football and Squash. Pilates assisted him in developing dynamic strength and reducing the risk of injury.

When Rio neared middle age, the pressures of work and family responsibilities were getting to him. His work hours were long, and he now had two kids, a teenage daughter, and an adolescent son. He barely got time with his family, but he made sure that the little time he had was full of fun activities and lot of movement. His daughter had just started her periods and was becoming a moody young adult. But the one hour she spent with her father at Moushu’s Pilates studio had a profound effect on her mood and both their energies.


As Rio grows older, he is amongst the few active agers, whose body is strong and supple. Obviously, he has slowed down, his hair has greyed, and he can’t run like he used to. But he isn’t afraid of moving his body. He can sit on the floor, get out of bed in the morning without complaining of constant aches and pains and is the life of the party dance-floor. He goes for a walk in the park every morning where he spreads his happy charm. When his golf buddy confides in him about his incontinence problem, he recommends that he go see a doctor and join him for Pilates; pelvic floor health is key.

Rio is grateful that he doesn’t fall sick and isn’t a trouble for his wife or kids, who now have families of their own. He is confident that he will never need anyone else’s assistance to walk, whether a human or an aid. This is all thanks to his parents who introduced him to Pilates at a young age, and partly thanks to himself, because he kept it up through different ages and seasons of life!

It’s never too late to begin. Be like Rio, do Pilates. Contact us today.

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