How to keep the holiday weight at bay

Holiday season is here! With weddings and Christmas gatherings happening every week, we are in full party mood. And why shouldn’t we be? We all deserve this round of festivities after the way the year has been. The highlight of the holiday and wedding season is obviously the food!

The culturally rich food with a dollop of sugar, dash of spice and everything nice tickles the taste buds and satiates the mind. However, most of it includes fried foods and sweets, making them high in calories. Giving into these temptations and gorging on the sweets and savouries is very easy. Before you know it, you have gained extra holiday weight. Therefore, it is important to watch what you consume and keep a check on the portion sizes.

Here are some tips on keeping a check on your calorie intake this holiday season:

Savoury > Sweet

A platter of festive fare usually contains some mithai, namkeen, nuts and dried fruits. When you are offered a choice, choose nuts or dried fruits over the fried fare.

Replace sugar

It’s the ‘main’ course for a reason

If you are eating out and the main course is heavy, avoid the dessert. But, if you have a major sweet tooth, eat a small main course to accommodate a sweet.

Pre-party snack

Although this might sound counterproductive, it actually works. Try and eat a small home cooked meal, salad or snack before heading out for festival parties. This helps in keeping hunger pangs at bay.


Do you remember when we were told to chew one bite for 32 times? Do that! Relish your treats and eat them slow. It can enhance your eating experience while ensuring the brain gets enough time to send you signals of satiety.

Don’t skip meals

Surprised? Avoiding main meals post a party is not going to help. Your regular meals should ideally be rich in vegetables. Party snacks and savouries cannot be substitutes for proper meals. Do not miss out on your staples like vegetables and fruits. Most importantly, try to maintain fixed meal times.


As you get busy preparing for the parties, remember to keep yourself hydrated throughout the day. Thirst can be mistaken for hunger and can lead to unnecessary food bingeing. Drink a glass of water before you eat a meal. This helps for a feeling of fullness and prevents overeating.

Portion control is real

It is okay to give in to your cravings occasionally. However, it is important to ensure proper portion control. Eat smaller portions than you would and enjoy.

Drink responsibly

Choose your drink wisely and avoid creamy and sugary mocktails or cocktails. When choosing your alcoholic beverage, do so responsibly, in every way – alcohol adds calories and alcohol mixers more so.

Work out even in the party season

No matter how many late nights and parties you have, they aren’t excuses to miss your workouts. Ensure you are keeping up with you workouts during the holiday season. Check out our class schedule and join today.

Relax and restore

When the momentum keeps you going, it can be difficult to realise how tired you are. But don’t forget to sleep well too. Getting enough rest and relaxation before and after celebrations is important. You will enjoy your parties also more. Moreover, it will help your body and mind to be more loyal to your nutrition plan.

Eat smart and enjoy what you eat!

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