“One’s fitness should be motivational to oneself, and not a  source of stressful competition.”

Dr. Moushumi Kuvawala (Physiotherapist) has been training clients and working with rehabilitation patients for the past 25 years. Her expertise lies in the analysis and treatment of various orthopaedic and neurological cases.

Hailing from a family of sportspersons and doctors, a focus on exercise and health was a natural part of Moushumi’s life from the very beginning. She converted her passion and discipline for fitness into a means of helping people better their lives. Many people with severe mobility and balance issues have come to Moushumi and have gone back stronger, more mobile and alleviated from pain.

Over the years, she realised that a Physiotherapist need not only take away the pain but help people stay pain-free and prevent injury so that they are fit to move how, when and where they want to. This led Moushumi to include Pilates exercises in her Rehab Work for her clients. She undertook various certifications. Now, she is not only a Certified Manual Therapist and a Comprehensive Pilates Instructor from both APPI(UK) and Balanced Body, but she is also certified to train instructors in Equipment and Rehab Matwork from APPI(UK) and Anatomy in Three Dimensions from Balanced Body(USA) .


We guide our clients to create holistic lifestyle changes.

Established in 2016, the early foundation of Moushu’s Pilates studio was laid in 2008 when Moushumi started teaching Matwork Pilates as a part of her Rehab program for her patients and then to small groups at different studios. Moushu realised that she wanted to spread awareness about Pilates to the general population in the form of fitness that helps them understand their bodies, use it better and avoid injuries.

Starting with a couple of reformers and some props, she set up Moushu’s Pilates in Pune. What began as a series of Matwork and Equipment classes, quickly branched out into her own classifications of P-Pulse(Pilates Barre), P-Func(Pilates and Functional training), Pre Pop( Prenatal Pilates) and others. Over the years, she has trained many instructors, some of whom imbibed her studio’s work philosophy and now are a part of her team in Pune and Mumbai, where we have our branches now.

Combining the principles of Classic Pilates and her years of experience as a Physiotherapist, Moushumi has developed her own style of exercise regimes which cater to people from diverse backgrounds and age groups. From dancers, sportspersons and students to corporate executives, businessmen and homemakers, we design workouts to suit their specific needs.

The brand of Moushu’s Pilates is synonymous with inclusive fitness and holistic health, and we plan to spread the awareness of the beauty of Pilates to many more cities in the future.


By implementing our plan into action

Our Team


Laila Ali

“The mind and body connect in Pilates becomes a sort of meditation. This, basically, became a mind, body and soul workout for me and I am hooked!”

Working as a flight stewardess for 12 years, Laila was introduced to Pilates in 2018. Since then, this fitness enthusiast has transformed from a student to an instructor who takes immense care of her clients. Her attention to detail, enthusiasm to teach and her compassion for people makes her a truly wonderful fit at Moushu’s Pilates.


Aarti Jhunjhunwala

“Seeing the progress in the people I train, seeing them move better, stand taller and feel stronger, motivates me.”

A fitness expert and the owner of her gym, Aarti has been training people since she was 19 years old. She took a sabbatical for 8 years to have children. And now she is back in the fitness world with more experience and a thirst to learn everything that is current in the world of Pilates. Dedicated to her clients with a calm sense of focus, Aarti adds to the core stability of Moushu’s Pilates.


Gauri Shingote

“A lot of people think diets and nutrition are the same thing. They are not. To achieve your health goals eat nutritionally right, don’t diet. It’s healthier, longer lasting and sustainable for life.”

Gauri brings in her expertise as a clinical dietician to Moushu’s Pilates. Pilates is a lifestyle change, and nutrition plays a big role in that. Her diet plans can be customised for different medical issues and are easy to incorporate to bring the change needed.


Persis Elavia

“Healing has been my passion since an early age of 10. Fitness and rehabilitation are key to the long term management of any patient.”

Being a practising Physiotherapist, Persis trained as Pilates Instructor in 2005. Recently, she introduced Moushu’s Pilates to her clinic to add to her rehabilitation work as Pilates’ holistic approach matches her clinic’s philosophy. Her junior physiotherapists are trained for Pilates and due to their medical background ensure safe and efficient workouts.


Hemakshi Basu

“Pilates helps all my patients with spine and other joint injuries to get back on their feet and back to work, injury free”

Running her own clinic since 2001, Hemakshi introduced Moushu’s Pilates to her clinic in 2019. She was introduced to Pilates while pursuing her post-graduation at the University of South Australia and was impressed by the mind-body connect which it provides. She believes in not only rehabilitating her patients but also providing them with a regular regime which helps them move better in their daily life.


Hemal Parikh

``As an Occupational Therapist it's our job to ‘add years to life’ and my patients have often come back and told me about how they feel rejuvenated after doing Pilates.”
A trained Bharatnatyam dancer and an Occupational therapist with over 25 years of experience, Hemal has been running her clinic since 2011. She specialises in Paediatrics and Neurology and she learnt Pilates to add to her rehabilitation work with patients having neuromuscular and neurological conditions. She has seen how Pilates improves the bio-mechanical alignment of her clients through everyday postures and believes that rehabilitation and fitness are intertwined.


Saumya Joshi

“The deep mind-body connect of Pilates creates a self-awareness that translates to a sense of focus in all that we do.”

Saumya began learning Salsa during law school and continued to dance and teach dance professionally after completing her degree. She joined Moushu's Pilates as a client in 2015 to strengthen her core as she felt unstable in her dancing, and she has not left since. Seeing her own posture improve drastically with Pilates, Saumya wants to aid others to attain their fitness goals that go beyond appearances.