Nuances of Matwork Pilates

Pilates is a versatile exercise regime that offers a range of benefits for people of all fitness levels. We have spoken in depth about the improved core strength, flexibility, posture and mind-body connection. In this blog, we go into the nuances of Matwork Pilates and what makes it so versatile.

Matwork Pilates: Is it for you?

By now, you know the basic division of Pilates into Equipment and Matwork Pilates. The approach of practicing both differs to a certain degree, and so do the benefits. As it involves mostly body weight training, with some added resistance from props like bands and magic circle, Matwork Pilates’ focus is on core strengthening, building flexibility and body awareness. We can add balance challenges to it with the foam roller, the bubble and the Pilates ball.

The Pilates Equipment add an element of instability, which is not there in Matwork, adding a different focus on balance and coordination. With its varying level of spring tensions, this apparatus can allow for gradual progression of resistance and/or assistance. This helps train people who are beginners and even pro-athletes.

If you are looking for a workout with the following features, Matwork Pilates is for you:

  • Equipment-free body weight training
  • Adaptability
  • Controlled movements
  • Balanced musculature
  • Core strength & stability
  • Mind-body connection
  • Posture improvement
  • Improved flexibility and range of motion
  • Not restricted to a location

How is Matwork Pilates different at Moushu’s Pilates?

At Moushu’s Pilates studio, we follow the APPI (UK) approach and add the years of experience of our senior instructors to it. APPI or Australian Physiotherapy & Pilates Institute (UK) is a leading institute that has integrated the principles of physiotherapy and rehab into Pilates. This approach makes APPI’s Matwork Pilates particularly well-suited for individuals with specific rehabilitation needs, injuries, and or those seeking a safe yet effective routine.

Under the guidance of physiotherapists with 30+ years’ experience individually, each of our branches/studios provide this safe and effective Matwork Pilates practice under different format of classes.

Which Matwork Pilates class is for you?

  • Classical Matwork Pilates (with Props):

A class where we follow the time-tested exercises from Pilates repertoire of exercises albeit with the Moushu’s Pilates twist and Pilates props. These follow a mid-paced flow exercises in all positions: supine, prone, all-4s, side-lying, kneeling, sitting and standing. We focus on breathing and on gradually building up the level of difficulty of the exercises, while making sure modifications are given for those with certain health/physical conditions or injuries.

Available at: Kalyani Nagar, Haji Ali, Juhu

  • Cardio & Barre Pilates:

A fast-paced workout, this class is for those who want to be on their feet and get their heartrate up. Set to music, we have designed this class to incorporate the principles of Pilates to Barre and Cardio exercises. We also use props like the Foam Roller and equipment like the MOTR in this class to add to the resistance and fun element.

Available at: Kalyani Nagar

  • HIIT Pilates:

An extremely fast paced workout, HIIT is not for the faint-hearted. Using the concepts of Pilates, we have designed workouts that provide the benefits of High Intensity Interval Training with the safety of Pilates principles. This reduces the risk of injuries while aiding weight loss through higher calorific burn.

To be started at: Kalyani Nagar

You can become a Matwork Pilates instructor too

Dr. Moushumi Kuvawala of Moushu’s Pilates is the sole provider of APPI(UK) Matwork Pilates Courses in India. Whether you are a healthcare professional or just a fitness enthusiast/trainer, this is just the course you need to start teaching Pilates.

Here’s why you should do the APPI(UK) Matwork Pilates courses:

  • Physiotherapy Integration: These courses are uniquely rooted in the principles of physiotherapy and help create a special approach that is often used in clinical and rehabilitative setups only.
  • Rehabilitation Focus: The exercises are carefully designed to aid in recovery from injuries, improve mobility and address specific musculoskeletal dysfunctions and conditions.
  • Clinical Application: APPI(UK) Matwork Pilates is widely used in physiotherapy clinics across the world.
  • Injury Prevention: With its focus on biomechanics and promoting proper movement patterns, while addressing imbalances, this practices helps prevent injuries.
  • Personalized Approach: It follows personalized assessment and program building, helping us understand the individual needs of a client, even in a group setup.
  • Structured Progression: It follows a structured and progressive sequence of exercises, allowing individuals of varying fitness levels to build strength over time.

Check out our APPI(UK) Rehab Matwork Course and APPI (UK) Comprehensive Matwork Course.


Matwork and Equipment Pilates both offer unique benefits, when combined together make a wholesome well-rounded workout routine, leaving little to be wanted. You can experience the benefits of both at our studios. Contact us.

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