Humor is the best medicine

In a virus-strapped world with us humans caught in a web that doesn’t seem to untangle, we at Moushu’s Pilates try to keep spirits high through humorous exercises. It’s true!

Our cues, which we repeat again and again to drill the posture into the subconscious of our client, go home with them. These cues help them to remember what’s taught and, sometimes, what’s not! But most importantly, it reminds them to loosen up and laugh.

Pilates with a dash of humor

Ashika Kamte who has joined our classes recently relates her experience:

“Joining Moushu’s Pilates has easily been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Everyone has come across Instagram posts about fitness and how it’s become a passion for them but with me, it’s become a way of life! I can’t disconnect from the session!

You’d ask how? Let me explain. Moushu says things through class that most of the time just stick with you. “Slow is strong. Fast is stupid”, is one such thing. So now when I am driving and I see a very interesting fight on the street, I slow down and no longer feel guilty for holding up people behind me. After all “slow is strong and fast is stupid”, right?

When we focus on posture, we think about oranges, tomatoes, and headlights. Yes! I hear Moushu’s voice in my head whenever I fall into lazy mode and allow myself to slouch or arch my back. “Where is that tomato?”, or “Don’t squash that orange”! My initial reaction to all this was everything you would think it to be. But I don’t reckon that there is one moment in the day where I am careless of the way I am standing.”

Rajita Gupta, who has been doing a variety of classes with us for over 5 years, takes each and every cue back home. The one that really works for her as she works at a desk for long hours is “Don’t let the shoulders blade kiss at the back or squish in the front!”

In a side-lying position, our cue of working through the hip at the “bikini line” and not working through the side abs from the “grannie panty line” has always generated laughs. And when we finish the workout on one side of the body and hear groans from clients, we remind them that “fortunately or unfortunately, we have another side to work on.” This gets even more laughs.

Aparna, our in-house chef takes these cues back to her kitchen, making her engage her core better while standing for long hours: “Make your butt cheek smile! So work from where the thigh meets the ass. Smile at the THASS!“

We believe in a new adage that a smile a day keeps the doctor away, but with us, you get to smile multiple times a day!

Recipe for good health

Humor for each individual generates a different response in the brain. It can result in activation of the frontal/ prefrontal/ amygdala/ hippocampus/ temporal etc. (I could go on, but as with everything else in the world of science, it’s still being researched!) What we do know is that laughing and exercise both release endorphins.

Endorphins make us feel good. To add to your endorphin fix, at Moushu’s Pilates, teach our clients exercises with a touch of this subtle (sometimes annoying) humor! And in these dark times, this is what we need to fight the blues.

Pilates is now becoming a household name as a form of exercise connecting the mind and the body. Our body is as useful as we make it. Movement automatically adds to the concept of “Use it or you lose it!”.

How you can join

To enhance your experience we are starting a new series of 4 classes every month for you to use in everyday activities. Join us for a focused Pilates workout for a particular sport or to overcome a fear that a prolonged recovery from pain prevented you from moving or just working parts of the body to gain that tone and mobility.

Use these 4 focused workouts every month to discover a new you! We want this experience for you to be such that you learn what’s good for you, and also slowly imbibe that into daily activities.

Here is the focus for the first quarter of 2022:

January: Runners

February: Low Back Pain

March: Upper Body

Let’s take this movement learning to different parts of our brain and different parts of our life. More the input, the more the number of brain cells that get activated, and the more the reaction generated by the body!

So join us for a few laughs! A few exercises! Take home the endorphins!
And make yourself a new you!

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