How MMA fighters can benefit from Pilates

Viewers who are captivated by the raw and unhinged fighting that occurs in the Ultimate fighters Club, the most popular MMA leagues, can vouch for the adrenaline rush they get from it. Over the past decade, MMA or Mixed martial arts has gained immense popularity as a sport and entered the mainstream as a recreational […]

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Spine posture

Is the posture of your back correct?

It had been 5 hours and she hadn’t moved. Her eyes stared blankly, as her head hung forward. Her body was bent over, while her arms hung away from her body, unsupported. Before you are scared away from reading further, don’t worry, this isn’t a crime scene description. But this is the imagery of someone […]

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nutrition for immunity

Nutrition for Immunity

Every morning I wake up to messages on all my Whatsapp groups proclaiming XYZ food substance as the new superfood which will make me immune to COVID-19. Don’t you get these messages too? If I had even a tiny inkling of their potency, I would have brewed the ultimate decoction of all these so-called “superfoods” […]

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Pilates and Flexibility

Flexibility affects Function

A few months back there was a video circulating on social media where one guy challenged a body-builder to remove a sticker from his mid-back. That beefed-up guy tried every move but he barely reached the top of his neck and lower back with his palms. While the other guy, who wasn’t as strong-looking (even […]

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Pilates Barre Workout Circuit Pune HIIT Aerobic

Behind the Barre

You want to try Pilates but are keen on fast-paced workouts with quick results? Then the Barre, or as we call it, P-Pulse at Moushu’s Pilates is the right choice for you. What is Barre? The Barre is, technically, the Ballet barre, a prop used for balance while exercising. Lotte Berk, a German dancer founded […]

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